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Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps charities, enterprises and communities thrive through the power of generosity.

We do this by raising awareness of important causes, energizing corporate philanthropic cultures, and inspiring giving through a micro-donation platform that rewards individual donors with discounts from local small businesses.

How it Works
Shop. Save. Give.

Why Support THRIVE Initiative?

There are many ways to give back, but that doesn't always make giving easy. That's why we are here. To help you discover the local charities that exist around you. Raise money without breaking the bank, and at the same time, receive discounts at local stores and restaurants that support our cause. It's all available through our platform.

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We are striving to bring communities together by cultivating a giving culture.

Making donating meaningful and rewarding
Promoting nonprofit awareness
Encouraging communities to shop and give locally
Driving philanthropic leadership
Empowering corporate enterprises to accelerate their giving culture

We envision a global movement driven by individual micro-donors, as well as corporate partners matching their employee donations, driving an economic tide that lifts all boats. Our goal is 1 million members raising $1 billion annually.