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We help small businesses connect easily with a cause.

Reach new customers who support worthy local causes and elevate your brand and its impact in the community.

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91% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause

Giving back to the community can (and should!) be an important piece of your long-term business plan. We make it easy to show you are doing your part.

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We make it easy to connect with new customers and grow your business
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Let people know your business supports a cause.

Having a strong presence on the THRIVE | Initiative platform helps build your brand with potential customers. Manage your page for free to stand out from the competition.

  • Update your business info so people can find you
  • Offer a discount to customers who are part of the Initiative movement
  • Add photos to showcase the best of your business
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Offer a Discount to Donors

The magic starts here! It is the willingness of our local business partners to offer incentives to people who donate that makes the THRIVE | Initiative possible. Below you will see what we do to make sure this effort drives positive results for your business.



We advertise your business for you, letting everyone know about the philanthropic work you are doing through the THRIVE | Initiative, as well as the great products/services you offer.

Here is how we do it:

  • Promotion to THRIVE | Coworking, a network of nearly 1,000 businesses and members.
  • Hyper-targeted paid + organic promotion on social media.
  • Crafted campaigns curated by our creative team for social sharing + cross-promotion.
  • Coordination of events that bring people to your business and create community.
  • Brand awareness via media releases, influencer endorsements, strategic promotional partnerships, and membership in the THRIVE | Initiative community.

Who Can Register

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Food & Restaurants

Restaurants, diners and coffeehouses are the beating heart of any neighborhood — and some of the most challenging businesses to run. The THRIVE | Initiative gives your community one more reason to come to the table.
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Products & Services

From bookstores to boutiques, from accountants to plumbers, no matter what your business, THRIVE | Initiative deepens your connection to existing customers and can attract new ones.
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eCommerce Stores

The THRIVE | Initiative isn’t just limited to brick and mortars! Your online business can also participate in this circle of conscious commerce, allowing your customers to shop, save and give.

Ready to get started? It’s free, easy, and only takes a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of registering?

It's 100% free to join plus you can reach new customers who support businesses who give back to local causes. This not only will help elevate your brand, but the impact it will have on your community.

What is the min/max discount I can give?

You can offer as low as 10% and the max amount is up to you! We know every business is different, so just make sure you clearly spell out in the description what products/services can apply for this discount.

How do we verify they are a THRIVE Initiative donor?

Once you are approved on the platform, we will provide you with a QR code that you will give to the donor at checkout. The donor will need to open up the app, select your specific location and scan the QR code that we will be providing you. This is a unique code that will help us track how many customers we are driving to your particular location on a monthly basis. Once scanned... you will see whether its been verified or not and can apply the discount accordingly.

Does my business have a unique QR code?

Yes! Every business who registers gets its own unique QR code that helps us track the number of users we help drive to your business and it helps you verify who is an active donor on the platform.

How can I my business promote we are a Proud Partner?

Upon registering, you will receive a "Proud Partner" window sticker that you can display on your door when people walk in. We will also be providing monthly marketing material (both digital that you can use at no cost, as well as printable items you can purchase and display in your store).

What if I don't see my category listed?

It's all good! Just send us an email to info@jointhriveinitiative.org and let us know what category you would like to be listed as and we can create that for you.
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