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Reliable Disbursements to Charities
We follow Charity Navigator’s best practices for good governance, ethical management, and accountability, so you can be confident your dedicated cause receives its funds on a monthly basis.
Make Giving Fun!
There are many ways to give, but a rewarding giving experience allows you to actively stay engaged in your cause, while also getting some great deals from retail and e-commerce partners.
Set a Giving Goal
Clearly and easily track your giving goals by setting a minimum and maximum amount you want to donate each month. A $15 minimum donation is required to keep your account active.

When we come together locally, incredible things happen.

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You Deserve to Know How Your Contribution Will Make an Impact!

Average amount people are able to donate
100% of you donations is tax deductible
80% of donated funds go directly to the beneficiaries; which is in line with some of the most well-respected, Gold Standard nonprofits in the US.
5,000 members
Number of donors giving per month
The number of users we want to see on the platform
What we need to make a meaningful difference
The more users, the more your local community benefits
Total amount donated to charitable organizations
We are the platform that will accelerate giving
We follow a strict vetting process to on-board charities
Our mission is to make giving simple and rewarding

A little can go a long way when we do it together.

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Happy Partners

“We are excited to partner with THRIVE | Initiative because they are a force for good in our local community.”
Julio, Owner of Minnie Olivia and Fogón and Lions restaurants
“We are so thankful to have the help of THRIVE | Initiative to meet the needs of our growing homeless and underprivileged neighbors in North Fulton County. “
Bonnie, Director of North Fulton Community Charities
"I'm just grateful to THRIVE | Initiative for trying to figure out how to fund the needs of the community ... I feel proud of them for doing it."
Carol, Chief Development Officer, No Longer Bound
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is THRIVE Initiative a registered 501c3?

We sure are!  Click (here) to view our registration status.

Are my donations 100% tax deductable?

You betcha! We will provide a year-end statement which you can use to claim your deductions.

How much of $1 goes to each beneficiary?

We followed Charity Navigators best practices and for every $1 donated to the THRIVE Initiative cause, we give $0.80 to the beneficiary of your choice.

How do donations work?

Link your bank account automatically: 2+ million users link with Plaid. Connecting your bank will allow us to roundup your change.
Confirm your debit or credit cards: Add your debit or credit card and spend like you normally would. The app will automatically track the purchases made with the linked cards so we can roundup your spare change to the next dollar.
Set your monthly giving goals: Set a monthly maximum giving goal. A minimum of $15 per month is required to keep your account active and get access to retail discounts.
Donate: At the end of each month, your roundups are totaled and the sum is donated to the charity of your choice.Tax Deductions: Make tax season a breeze with a simple tax summary that can be downloaded right from your dashboard.

How can I edit my monthly giving goals?

On the platform, select the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen, under “Donation” click “Change Donation Preferences.” You can set your minimum and maximum donations there.

How can I Add/Edit/Delete my credit cards on file?

On the app, select the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen, under “Donation Source” click “Add/Edit/Delete Cards.” You can edit your cards on file there.

Is there a min donation amount?

Yes. We require a $15/mo min donation to keep your account active. With the savings you are receiving from our local partners, you will sometimes save more than you will be giving. This also allows us to help make a greater impact with the beneficiaries we bring on board.

What is the average monthly donation?

Most monthly donors give an average donation of $15 - $20.

How much money can I save with local deals?

Most people who spend around $150 dollars per month, or more, at participating local shops + restaurants can save up to 5% - 20%.

Can I set a limit on how much I donate?

You sure can!  Our platform allows you to set a min amount of $15 as well as a "NO LIMIT" amount and simply let your roundups roll up to the amount it reaches that month.

Can I alternate non profits I want to give to?

Yup!  All you need to do is log into the platform and update your preferences to the charity you want to support.

How does the change round up work?

You sync your credit card information with Plaid during your enrollment process in our platform. Through our partnership with Plaid, all of the spare change from your credit card transactions will be rounded-up and donated to the non profit of your choice.

Does the spare change only donate when I shop at participating retail+ restaurant locations?

Nope. The spare change from all of the purchases on the credit card you designate will be donated.

How do I redeem my discounts at participating shops and restaurants?

When you shop at participating retailers just inform them you are a member of the THRIVE | Initiative. You must log in, find the retailer you want to get the discount from, and select "Scan to get offer". The retailer will provide you with a QR code to scan. By scanning the code and opening the associated link, a screen will display validating your participation your membership. They will apply the discount to your bill, and you are good to go!

How do I know which retailers are participating in the THRIVE | Initiative?

Our platform provides a list with a map view of all participating retailers, along with the information on discounts they offer.