Our Mission

Make a meaningful change in our communities & in the world.

THRIVE | Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps charities, enterprises and communities thrive through the power of generosity.

It does this by raising awareness of important causes, energizing corporate philanthropic cultures, and inspiring people to do good through service, giving, and shopping locally.

Ramon Gonzalez
Co-Founder THRIVE
a better way to give

This is How You Fuel Generosity

Make donating simple and fun

Promote nonprofit awareness

Encourage to shopping locally

Accelerate Enterprise Giving

Have you ever felt like you could do more for those in need?


Change4Good was designed to enable micro-donors (like you) to round up your credit/debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the “change” directly to THRIVE | Initiative and partner charities in your community!

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Do you feel there is a disconnect between your brand, culture and your corporate social impact?

Your brand. our technology.

The Future of Corporate Giving

We make it easy to co-brand our Change4Good platform to fit your culture and vision, so your company can accelerate its giving and support its current charity, as well as the communities where your employees live.

We will help you attract, retain and build a brand people will want to work for ... AND we know you’re busy so we handle everything for you!

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Unleash The Power of Generosity

Help us raise awareness of important causes, energize corporate philanthropic cultures, and inspire more people to shop locally.

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